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Tendre est la nuit, is named after American author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, Tender is the Night. A leather-chypre fragrance that tells of the attractiveness between darkness and sweet lethargy...It speaks of the night, literally but also figuratively. The perfume is also an homage to Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who walked slowly and methodically in her own night and madness in order to escape from her tempestuous marriage and the reality of her life. The fragrance "Tendre est la nuit" is a deep metaphorical fragrance, like a soft night that lets you abandon yourself... Sounds fade and become murmurs, shapes become shadows, lines merge and the boundaries of reality disappear. The air is filled with the hypnotic perfume of flowers that offer to the night what they stubbornly refuse to the light.