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With unbridled energy and a very powerful intro, this purple elixir quickly makes it clear where we’re headed! Inspired by the novel "My Name is Red" by literature Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, reflects "Mon nom est Rouge" the opulence and the exotic variety of the Orient. But that's not all - here the power of the color red meets the Orient! Passionately and with clenched intensity we may be witness to a divine fusion of scents. Spicy-peppery nuances go hand in hand, an amour fou with the most magnificent roses-incense there has ever been. Ginger, cardamom and cinnamon warm this powerful and dynamic affair, igniting a firework of emotions. Excitingly dark fragrant roses attract exquisite wood to her side and intensify more and more the pace of the dancing, balsamic-warm scent molecules. Together they soar up to an exhilarating finale which has rarely ever been seen before.